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Solve this problem :P
PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 4:49 am Reply with quote
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Willy and Wally Woolley were brothers and they were sensitive about their ages so when they had to fill in the census form, they left their ages blank. The census official pointed out that they were obliged by law to provide the information but still, the brothers hesitated.
The official could see that Willy was older than Wally, which he supposed was a start.
''Whats your total age?'' he asked hoping to at least get an estimate , but the brothers were having none of it.
''Twelve times the difference between our ages,'' said Willy cautiously, hoping not to reaveal too much.
The official thought for a moment. ''Whats the difference between the squares of your ages?''
This time it was Wally who answered after much counting on fingers.
''Twenty times our average age.'' he said.
''Excellent.'' the official replied. '' Now I know what to write on the forum.''

What were Willy and Wally's ages? (Assume they are whole numbers)

just to see how many of you were paying attention when the teacher was teaching you how to solve the age old problem of ''x'' Razz

''... O mankind! Your rebellion is against your own selves,...'' (Quran 10:23)
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Solve this problem :P
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