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Dec 1st, another world AIDS day..
PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2006 4:46 am Reply with quote
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Has there been any difference?

I'll answer based on my towns experience. First, i think it is important to point out that it is a majority Muslim town, and is a tourism hub (beaches blah blah).
The statistics this year on Kenya are being applauded by the world against AIDS community all over the world, but to be perfectly honest, I really dont see a big difference, at least not where it matters. No doubt of course, the free testing clinics have certainly made more people aware of their status.
In my opinion however, that is not the biggest problem. For one, to even suggest to somebody from my community to get tested would be a HUGE insult, for which you may never be forgiven, and would be considered a ''bad-wish'' for someone, and ''wait till you get it yourself'' curse!
Seriously! With attitudes like this, how on earth are we supposed to realise the extent of the danger that is lurking beneath the surface of our tranquil society? I would say that the first step to take before we expect anyone to visit the free clinics popping up all over the country or the 'VCT' centres as they are called would be to change the society's attitudes to AIDS. How can we expect to combat the reality of this scourge if we still refuse to acknowledge its presence , and would rather call in anything , from ''bad kidney'' to ''jinn possesion or witchcraft'' ??
lol , I remember a couple of months back there was a talk show on the radio, where u called in with your views, and a suggestion for the topic to be discussed. so somebody gave a wonderful suggestion to discuss the scourge and our attitudes, I was actually quite pleased at many of the responses.But then lol, the army of ignoramuses stepped in and ruined my day.
first point by a very opinionated lady '' these days theres a really bad habit where those washing the mayyit wear gloves, and it is the most rude thing i have witnessed'' :O I mean seriously!!! Precaution is now a vice??
It went on and on with more and more people giving more and more 'aspects' of how ''rude'' people are becoming, and how they are ''inviting a curse'' and the most annoying thing was that the radio fellows did nothing to change the direction of the topic!!
[hehe you might ask, what did YOU do?well, nothing, because for one, i know it is a more deep routed problem than a simple talk show on radio, as so many worthy opponents to the debate tried to prove, and ended up being given the ''oh you wait and see till its one of yours'' Naudhubillah!

oops, i would have gone on, but my times up, grrr stubborn old librarian!

Salaam, lemme know your takes on the situation Smile

''... O mankind! Your rebellion is against your own selves,...'' (Quran 10:23)
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Dec 1st, another world AIDS day..
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