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The sights, sounds and smells of Ramadhan
PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:42 am Reply with quote
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The blessed month of Ramadhan is almost here (depending on where/who u are anytime from a few hours away to two days away).

For Muslims all over the globe this is a special time, time for us to come face to face with our innermost thoughts, and review our actions on a fine scale and nourish our souls on the beautiful breeze of spirituality that blows across our way for a whole month.

I was wondering, what other things about Ramadhan mean something special to you. i know for a fact that for those who live in a majority muslim area, it is not just our spiritual lives which are affected but our every aspect of life, from the catering to the sights to the sounds and just the general atmosphere.

I'll share some of mine which I can think of right now ^_^
For our town, Ramadhan comes in with a BANG! and i mean that literally :LOL:
see as soon as the moon is sighted or it is announced that the moon has been sighted by the kadhi, theres this old museum/fort from which empty canons are fired into the sea. so its a HUgeee BanG! the first time we heard it we were so shocked like whuz going on (we had reason to worry man our house is ooold Exclamation )
Ramadhan also leaves with a Bang! since the same process is repeated when the moon of shawwal is sighted

Lots of food exchanging in the evenings

the funny way sooo many mosques suddenly say their Adhaans so loudly at the same time (in my area there are like 15 mosques within hearing distance) , lol and theres this 'phenomenon' which i find so amusing.. see there is a habit/culture whereby all the men break their fasts at the mosque together, so all the houses near the mosque can take something small ie not like a properly organised buffet or anything , jus a plate of some of the stuff u made, or dates or even cold water... so anyway.. when its about 20 mins to time these lil kids (ages ranging from about 2 to kiddish 16 yr olds) get their food ready ie collect whatever they want to break their fast with then sit and sort of hold a 'count down' lol and the minute they hear the sound of the speaker (for the adhaan) they go 'ALLAHUMMA INNI LAKASUMTU WA BIKA AAMANTU...' as fast as they can and break their fasts.

now the funny thing which happens every once in a while is the speaker is being 'tested' (for some reason the speakers tend to go crazy on Fridays and during Ramadhan Exclamation ) and lets say its abt 10 mins to time and the Muadhdhin goes to make the call, lol so the min the kids hear the sound they GO! and do the usual... only to hear ''testing testing..1.2.3 ..'' loool

Other stuff which is pretty cool and humbling to see is the way people take time to recite the Quran in places where u wouldnt usually see the regular guy reading the Quran eg on the street, at a park, on the bus , its really beautiful mashallah (thats why i love living in a majority muslim town) plus all the dhikr people do, ie the tasbeehs in their hands, the mosques full at all 5 prayers (even Fajr!) its jus beautiful.

However... there also is a habit which i find annoying.. see 2- 3 days before Ramadhan, people get out their board games in preparation for all the 'free time' coming up and make sure their games are in order with no pieces missing here there is a game which is locally referred to as 'keram' hmph man u really dont want to know what i feel like doing when i see one of those boards and a group of people sitting at it playing game after game whiling away the hours.

This time around though, Ramadhan will be a whole new experience. for the first time in my life I'll be away from family and in an area where being a muslim makes u stand out. Alhamdulillah though i cant complain (this year we are lucky enough to have roughly 16 muslims in our campus) and so it wont be as lonely as ramadhan away from home can get , but it will be odd to break your fast not having heard a single Aadhaan Sad

May Allah make us among the recipients and recognisers of His endless Bounty this Ramadhan, and give us the strength to keep up the good habits we pick and drop the bad ones we kick.

Ahlan wa Sahlan ya Ramadhan! :WUB:

TaqabbalAllah siyaamakum Insha'Allah!

''... O mankind! Your rebellion is against your own selves,...'' (Quran 10:23)
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 4:49 pm Reply with quote
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Ramadan Kareem to you too. May all your prayers get accepted Inshalla.

Ramadan indeed is a beautiful month. It gives one a chance to be close to the Creator and be true to yourself.

In Riyadh, I just discovered an interesting culture. The culter of eating our for iftar and suhur! One has to book ahead of time for the Beautiful food. Can't imatine doing this often though. Besides losing precious times, is just expensive. And who can eat buffet for iftar! And shoppings are open until the wee hours (i heard 4am); and they get busier as the Eid nears.

I assume most locals stay up all night visiting relatives. they come to work very tired.

But I like the fact we work less hour during this Holy month. The fact most people are humbled. The excitement of visiting the Mecca. The prayer gatherings with friends.....

And I miss my family.

"All intellectual improvements arise from leisure"! unknown author
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The sights, sounds and smells of Ramadhan
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