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The Objectives of the Newly Formed HSCF
PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 2:08 pm Reply with quote
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We have just concluded a marvelous occasion at the July Harari festival in Toronto and judging from the reaction of the participants, success was written all over the event. And this successful event was organized and presented by the leadership of Harari Community of Ontario (HCO) with the collaboration of other Harari organizations in the area such as The Fugnanbia Community, the Harari Women?s Association and the Sheikh Jama. Congratulations are in order from all Hararis around the world.

Among the programs of the event prepared by HCO, there was a town hall meeting on the last day to hear presentation by the President of the Harari Regional State, Murad Abdulhadi . The program went well as it was intended but there was a flyer that was distributed to the attendees which this writer finds very amusing. I have made available the contents of the flyer for the reader?s reference herewith.

2021 Old Mill Run
Garland, TX 75044

(972) 414-3281 July 7, 2006

Harari Afochas and community Representatives Meeting
276 Main St. @ Danforth
Toronto, Ontario

Assalamu Alaikum

The Attendees of this meeting are:-

Harari Canadian Community Toronto Abdulwasi Ahmed; Faisal Abdurahman
Harari Canadian Community Edmonton Salah Marda; Fahmi Yusuf
Washington Harari Community Washington D.C Abdulhafiz Abdullahi; Afandi Ziad
Switzerland Afocha Jamal Ibrahim Gato, (non-voting obsever)
Los Angeles Area Harari Community Assn. Abdulfatah Succar (non-voting observer)
Harari Community Development Ctr. Abdurahman Abdisubhan
Bay Area Harari Community Fariha Bakri
Muasis Samti Toronto Abdurahman Duldul; Ahmed Idris
Harari community of Atlanta Lilburn, Georgia.

The Representatives of the Harari Communities and Afochas from United States and the Canadian provinces held a meeting for the last three days in the city of Toronto to reestablish the HSCF, with the above nine Communities and organizations, presented in the meeting. The Atlanta Harari Community submitted a letter of support and agreed with us to rebuild, the Harari Sport and Cultural Federation with a motion of full vote and mandated.

We, the representatives of the above Afochas and Communities have agreed to reestablish and signed this Document as reaffirmation to our commitment.

We also decided Dallas to be the host and the permanent office of HSCF for the next two years. The coming year which is 2007, event has been agreed to be held in Harar, Ethiopia. The following year, 2008 event was awarded to Dallas, TX and 2009 to Atlanta, Georgia.

The representatives of this Afochas and communities have elected Abdurahman Abdisubhan to hold the chairman ship position until 2008.

May Allah help us in our endeavor? Ameen

To put things in perspective, let me take some liberty to comment on the contents of the flyer and the overall objectives of the participants. As anyone who is familiar with Harari Communities in North America is well aware, there is something awfully important missing in the document, the two largest Harari Organizations in the area, namely HCO and United Washington Hararis (UWH). As most everyone realizes by now, these two organizations are the ones who organized and presented the last three July events exclusively with very minor participation by the Mousis group. Therefore, let me ask anyone who cares a little bit for the welfare of the Hararis in Diaspora; is there any purpose and legitimacy for the individuals who have gathered to form another HSCF except to sow discord and divide the community? I would have said ?let all Hararis be the judge of that,? but fortunately the overwhelming majority of Hararis have already voted with their presence in the last three events that was organized by these two groups and thus ignoring and discrediting the splinter groups.

I thought the establishment of HSCF was a matter that was settled a year ago during the event that was held last year in Washington, DC. In that event, the Harari Sports and Cultural Federation (HSCF) was re-established by the Afochas that sent their representatives in 2005 after the former executives messed up the organization and made it a private club. The meeting to re-establish HSCF was held in open public forum attended by our honored guests from Harari Regional State who did everything in their power to pull the exe of the old HSCF into the mainstream without avail. Yes, in a room full of Hararis, there were two individuals who tired to disrupt the meeting to keep the old order and the plan of their masters in tact, but they left disappointed. And the bottom line is, the new HSCF was formed right there and then. The meeting was adjourned by reminding those Affochas that did not sent their representatives to do so as soon as possible. A year has passed since the establishment of HSCF in Washington, DC and I have learned that a friendly overture was repeatedly made to these groups who are out to destroy anything beneficial to the Harari community to join the newly formed organization since then, but they have refused time and again. And therefore, why was there any need to form another HSCF by these groups except to destroy an organization that is providing miracles to the Harari community?

In order to understand the nature of this sinister plan, first we have to look at the motivation and intentions of the groups and individuals who have come together to sow the seeds of hatred in the Harari community. As anyone who is familiar with these groups is well aware, the plan was carried out by none other than the Mousis Group and the remnants of the old HSCF, both of whom have been discredited by the larger Harari community for having nothing better to do than divide the community in order to satisfy their bottomless ego. The rest of the individuals who are not part of either group are included on the list by these groups in a shameless act to confuse Hararis. The name of an individual is listed who was not present and does not have an idea of what was going on. A lady who was sent as messenger by the San Jose group was listed in the list as a rep; and of course, it is common wisdom among Hararis that the San Jose Afocha is one of the three Afochas that re-established HSCF in Washington, DC. An individual who sat as an observer was listed as a member. And one of the representatives from Washington, DC is already a member of HSCF established in DC and changed sides without the knowledge of other HSCF members because he wanted to show his allegiance to his cousin who is the leader of the Mousis group. Brothers and sisters, we have spent a good part of our lives in North America where we had the chance to learn a lot of good; is this all we have to show for? Are we saying that anything goes to satisfy one?s ego? Let this be a reminder that a community endeavor is not about the interest of an individual, it is what each one of us can do to build the community. Are we so primitive that we give more credence to some trivial tribal affiliation rather than the good of the larger community?

What we have is the coming together of two groups that have lost the trust, confidence and the moral high ground through their repeated destructive activities that is counter to the interest of the Harari community. Hararis have come in numbers to the last three events and enjoyed it to their full satisfaction. And those events, I repeat once more, were organized and carried to the last detail by HCO and UWH. And these two organizations did not rise to the occasion of organizing these events by mere chance; they gained the trust and confidence of their respective communities because of their selfless act and dedicated services in their communities, thus getting the support of their communities in return. They are the fabric of the society in which they operate and they were helped tremendously by the community in all their endeavors. Their members are always ready to be of service when the community or any individual is in need and this was proven time and again. I wish I could say the same for any other Afocha in North America but I will pray and hope all other communities will follow in their footsteps. Both organizations are shining examples of what any community should have to be in order to be worthy of their names.

Allow me to examine the nature of these two entities and the individuals who are leading them to destruction. The Mousis group of Toronto is supposedly a non-profit organization with its main objective being helping some of our unfortunate brothers and sisters in Harar. But this was just a mere cover since most everyone came to realize that together with-their-less-than-five-members in the Washington DC area that they are on mission to destroy anything of value in Harari communities. A trait that is shared by the heads of both Toronto and DC Mousis group is that they are blood relatives. Another trait that is shared by these two individuals is having a very inflated ego that seeks to control everyone and every group; well, one might say this is a family trait that begs for treatment.

Most everyone is aware by now the fate that was meted to the Mousis branch in DC when it tried to host the July event some three years ago when they went into head-on collision with what is left of HSCF. They only Hararis who showed up in that event were the Mousis group and no one else. The UWH brought the defunct Mousis branch into the fold of the mainstream in an effort to organize a unified event last year and helped them re-incorporate into the community. Well, their probation period has elapsed and sanity went the other way. They have re-joined with their headquarters in Toronto to form another HSCF because they have to show allegiance to their blood relatives. But what led the main branch of Mousis in Toronto to split from the main organizers in a failed attempt to prepare its own event?

What I have learned from friends who have inside knowledge about the relationship between HCO and Mousis group is the insistence of the latter to be the sole presenter of the Harari Day event. They were offered to present half the show but they would not relent. In retaliation, the Mousis group went on distributing a CD recording bad-mouthing HCO and its members. Incidentally, this was the same pre-condition that was presented by the DC Mousis to UWH in their initial meet, but they were rebuffed in their effort and were told that this goes against the whole idea of a unified event that UWH was seeking. Even though the DC Mousis knew their place and came into line, their main branch, contrary to the interests of the larger Harari community tried to project a disharmony in the event that took place in Toronto and went ahead with their plan to have their own Harari Day. And it was a matter of public record how the whole thing collapsed on their head. They were distributing free tickets and, once inside, free food, to lure Hararis to come to their show in an effort to masquerade a lost cause. And to add insult to injury, an actor who was supposed to be part of the main attraction, refused to participate unless he was paid handsomely for his effort. Talk about community spirit! And this is the same fellow who took it upon himself to insult the defunct HSCF group in his last act in DC contrary to the objectives of UWH. And now, the group which hurled the insult and the one on the receiving end have joined hands in an all effort to destroy our harmony. I believe the old saying ?the enemy of my enemy is my friend? is still holds sway where there is no principle to uphold.

Although what remained of the old HSCF is in intensive care, it has not given up in its effort to wreck havoc to spoil our annual joyous occasion. The head of the group in Toronto that is in cahoots with the old HSCF, namely Harari Canadian tried everything humanly possible to disrupt and hijack the work of HCO in preparing for the recent July event. But everyone who participated in the event or heard about it knows how the event was joyously celebrated. Another individual from Dallas who would jump at any chance to destroy the unity of Hararis was seen running around all over to make his dream a reality. And mind you, none of these individuals or groups have an iota of contribution to the last three July events in any form whatsoever except for a very minor role for the Mousis. And what role were they playing in these events? Well, you guess is as good as mine. They certainly did not come to have a good time at the event. And how do I know that? They were telling anyone who cared to listen that they came to the events for the sole purpose of re-establishing HSCF. And let me ask, what is a basis of an organization without a constituent? Organization without representation! It has a nice wring to it, but it?s empty and rings hollow.

And therefore, shouldn?t it be our right to ask them in whose interest are they doing all these? If one is bent on waging war in the harmonious environment the Hararis have right now, shouldn?t it be our responsibility to tell these entities not to mess in our affairs? It does not take more than an individual to spoil a gathering or for that matter any normal circumstances. There was a case of this Harari individual in Dallas who single-handedly destroyed the local Ethiopian Muslim organization by stealing its treasury and distributing it without the knowledge of the leaders. The case is still pending in the courts. In the last three July events, Hararis have shown their appreciation and admiration to the organizers by participating in large numbers. But at the same time, we have these groups lurking among us who are trying to give this picture as if a big rift is dividing Hararis, when in fact, we know for certain that it?s the same individuals with different garbs who are trying the same old tricks repeatedly.

It should be clear to the leaders of most Harari organizations who is doing what by now. And it is incumbent upon them to separate the vast majority of Hararis who want everything that is good for their community and those very few individuals who are bent on destroying any unity Hararis muster to find. We should stop the division that the few individuals exhibit as a ritual and set our community in the path we have chosen once and for all.
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Re: The Objectives of the Newly Formed HSCF of ayoban88
PostPosted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 3:27 pm Reply with quote
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A well-articulated prose but the least to say very disappointing. Unexpected from an individual who seems to be very talented.
What we need at this time is common ground to be united and work together for the benefits of our community rather than dwelling on divisive issues or wasting energy on unnecessary frictions.

ayoban88, I believe you can contribute to the community much better than analysing individuals for their shortcomings. No one is immune from mistakes.

On the issues of ego & "Are we so primitive that we give more credence to some trivial tribal affiliation rather than the good of the larger community?" We are almost one family. What applies to a Harari applies to you. In a nutshell, what you are telling us of others is the direct reflection of yourself.

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The Objectives of the Newly Formed HSCF
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